Wedding Photo Sky

Beach Trash The Dress

The photographic concept of Trash the Dress has taken more strength lately and more and more couples want to capture the best day of their life in a fresh, different and fun way. This photo session is made one day after the wedding, using the amazing natural locations that the Mayan Rivera offers, and to shoot the couple using, one mre time, the bride and groom, to trash them, the idea is to enjoy again this attires that won’t ever be used again.

If you don’t want to use your bride dress, no problem, the session can be done with a simpler dress that goes with the wedding style, we have even borrow some dresses that previous brides had donated to us, once their session is done. About the make up, try to keep it natural and simple, and of course use waterproof make up. Regarding any accessories, you can use whatever you like, maybe something meaningful to you, some couples had used the bridal bouquet, a crown of flowers, or color fabrics.

The sesión can be made on the beach closest to the hotel where the bride and groom are staying, even though we always recommend the Tulum beaches, as they are less visited and more beautiful that any other beach nearby.

Diego and his assistant will come pick you up early in the morning, at the time previously agreed, it is very important that the couple needs to be already wearing whatever they will be using at the shooting. The session can be done near the Tulum ruins, or in a private beach we have access to that has its own small archeological ruin.