Tulum Wedding Photo Bouquet

Choose the Best Wedding Bouquet for your Beach Wedding

If you have chosen a Tulum wedding to start living the rest of your life, you have to know that flowers are an essential part of wedding parties, being the bride bouquet the first accessory you should choose, because of the tradition and the beauty this represents. Besides, these flowers will determine who will be the next single girl present at the wedding to get married.

Even though nowadays there are plenty of bouquets for brides in many different colors,shapes and materials, since a lot of designers have incorporated to the market and each of them shows off more than their colleagues, there are four models that continue to be the most eligible ones:

Cascade Bouquet: This model, formed by several layers of flowers and leaves, is wider at its top, while it narrows towards its base to end in an edge.

Round Bouquet: As its name indicates, its shape is totally round and the flower stems are short, which makes it an easy bouquet to carry in your hands.

Long Bouquets: They are bouquets formed by long stem cut flowers, such as anthuriums, tulips, gannets and gerberas, among other flowers of similar characteristics. The image they give is concrete and firm, it is a bouquet with personality.

Asymmetric Bouquet: it is the typical countryside model that is very much used at beach wedding parties, such as the one you will be having in Tulum in a few days. It is a rustic bouquet, which can be formed either by wild flowers or by other very elegant ones. The most remarkable characteristic of this bouquet is that the flowers are tied so that they look as if they had been just taken from the ground on your way to your wedding party.

Tips on How to Choose your Wedding Bouquet According to your Body Type

A wedding bouquet has to suit your body type, so as they both look like if they were made for each other. Below, we'll tell you what to bear in mind:

A classical cascade bouquet is one of the most sophisticated options. It combines both small flowers and medium size ones, and it looks gorgeous with long tailed dresses with a veil. We recommend you this bouquet if you are tall or average height.

If you are looking for a bouquet which suits all kinds of body types and dresses, that is the round bouquet. Have it made in medium size or mini if you are short.

Tight dresses, which are perfect for tall brides, require a long bouquet, while the asymmetric bouquet looks great with dresses with a natural fall and not very loaded. All kinds of brides can carry it.