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How to Choose your Dress for Wedding Beach in Tulum

Are you having your Tulum Wedding soon? So take advantage of these practical and very useful tips we have for you to have the best of the wedding parties you can ever imagine.

The decision has been taken, your wedding party venue is Tulum beach, a paradisiacal place in Mexico. You already have the date and the guests have already been invited. However, you still lack the essential detail: the wedding gown. You don’t have to worry anymore, because we have the best suggestions for you to look like an angel, while feeling as comfortable as you want.

It is well known that one of the main factors when it comes to choose a wedding dress is the event and its characteristics, such as the place and time in which it will take place, and the dress code. Let’s see one by one the elements of the dress and then we will choose the best one for the most important event of your life.

The stating point to elaborate your dress is the material. In this case, we are talking about a light and vaporous fabric, which will make you feel comfortable according to the weather and the environment. What you should avoid are thick fabrics, as well as the excess of layers or decorations that may turn your dress heavy. We recommend that you choose silk, muslin, chiffon or organza, since they present the characteristic we are looking for: simplicity.

Regarding the type of dress, the best for this occasion is the dress with an ‘A’ cut, empire cut or straight cut, avoiding those with princess style cut, which are ideal for city wedding parties. If you are the modern type of woman who likes more free and more cutting edge clothes, you can choose a two-piece outfit, consisting of a long skirt, and crowned by a delicate and feminine blouse.

The suitable color for a beach wedding are the classical and traditional white, ivory, beige, grey, pink, and if you are of the most daring women, red is really gorgeous.

If you wonder about the length of the dress, you have two opposite options, whose effects are also contrary: to look formal, choose a long dress; while if you prefer a more informal look, such as a cocktail dress, a short dress is the option for you.

If you choose to carry a veil, never wear a long one, since the coast wind may turn it into a real nuisance. So, short dresses with a flower crown and bohemian retro bridal headpieces are the wisest decisions that a bride to be can take.