Mayan Ceremony

Mayan Ceremony for your Wedding in Tulum

If you are looking for a different ceremony with a nice and magic touch to get married with the love of your life, you might consider having a Mayan celebration to do it.

The Mayan ceremony it’s a love ritual, in which the good vibes and positive energy are summoned to enhance and protect the commitment and the union of the couple, so they can stay on the tracks of peace and harmony. Through the ritual, the officials will invoke the 7 directions: The Cosmic Father, The Universal Mother, The Four Winds and The Center of your hearts —which it is known as the temple of your love and life—, to bless you and your significant other forever.

Everything is very traditional and special. The flowers are used for the 4 winds and are colored as the Mayan tradition dictates: copal and blue. Special instruments are used too as well to attract divine energy from the universe and deposit it within the couple, which will be in the center of a circle, beside the wedding altar, where all of these forces and energies will be concentrated during the event.

While the ceremony takes place, you will be receiving a speech regarding the commitment, peace and, above all, love. Soon after, your wedding rings will be blessed and the guests will be asked to channel their positive energy and give it to you, while you still stand in the center.

It’s a very emotional celebration, and it is because love it’s the supreme energy, from which all of us come from and from which we all evolve into spiritual beings.

There is no better place for your authentic Mayan wedding than Tulum. The city it’s ruled by Venus, the star of love, and it endows couples with a magic touch. You’ll also have the opportunity to make your wedding unforgettable for you, your family and your closest friends.

The moon, the sea, the white sand and the soft breeze, everything under the warm candlelights add up to make this moment the most special one of your life. If you decide to have a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony will just improve the experience your will go through. Tulum is the best place out there to do it, you don’t have to think it twice. We are professionals with all of the resources in our hands to make your wedding the event you always dreamed of.