Tulum Mexican Wedding Theme

Mexican Themed Weddings in Tulum

We are pretty sure that you want your wedding to be unique, special, one of a kind, and that it would last in yours, your couple’s and your guests’ minds. That is easy, you just have to go very creative. How about making your wedding under a traditional, but fun, Mexican theme? That sounds great, doesn't it?

Beyond the traditional tequila shots and great mariachi music, there are a lot of ideas to decorate and embellish your Mexican style wedding. Between vivid colors full of joy and special traditions, your event will be beautiful under an authentic Mexican theme.

Welcome your guests with a wide variety of flavored margaritas and offer them traditional Mexican menu with dishes full of Mexican tastes, or maybe a buffet with tacos and guacamole. Open up the dance floor with the sound of a mariachi, a romantic trio or a marimba. At the end, you can finish the party by breaking down a piñata. Delight your friends and family with an exquisite three milk cake and our traditional “café de olla”. This sounds pretty funny and original for your wedding, right?

Picture all of these while a very colorful and bright environment surrounds you, the lovely blue Caribbean ocean behind your back and the delicate white sand under your feet, transmitting you the warmth of Tulum. You, your significant other, your beloved family and your closest friends will thank you for the experience, while you enjoy your great day.

If you want a Mexican themed wedding you can have it, and we are experts planning these kind of events since it’s one of our favorite ones: it’s just too fun to do it! We are trained to plan and organize your wedding on a professional way. We have all of the required resources so you can have your dreamed ceremony, with the best connections and the best suppliers around. You will even have your personal wedding coordinator for the event.

Come and make your wedding here in Tulum with us. We can promise that it will be all you have dreamed of and you will not have to go through the stressful and overwhelming process to plan the party. Remember this is a once in a lifetime occasion and it it’s just unacceptable to not enjoy it. Remember: Mi casa es tu casa. We’ll be waiting for you. Viva Mexico!