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One of the most popular parts of the wedding photography is the trash the dress session. This may seem like an odd idea to those who are used to the tradition of wrapping the dress up and putting it away for your children to inherit some day, but it has become all the rage. In the trash the dress session brides get the chance to use the wedding dress in some more creative ways for photos of the wedding process. They can take the dress and where it in unusual scenes such as the ocean or a field. They can also wear the dress in locations like a warehouse or train station. Whatever the bride, groom and photographer think a trash the dress Riviera Maya will work best for the event.

When preparing for a trash the dress Riviera Maya style you will want to bring a few things to make it go more smoothly. You should be prepared with such items as bug repellent, sunscreen, towels and a change of clothing. This will help make the event less challenging. There are many outdoor locations that will work very well for this process and being prepared for them will help you to relax making the process more fun. This is meant to be a fun process and enjoyed, so relaxing is the key to making terrific photographs. You will find that your trash the dress ceremony will turn out much better if you go with the flow.

If you are very uncomfortable with the idea of potentially harming your wedding dress, you may want to consider buying a different dress for the photographs. A more inexpensive dress might make you feel more comfortable about the process. The trash the dress Riviera Maya style will certainly make for great photographs to add to your wedding day pictures and it will be a memory that will be wonderful to share with your family. This is the part where all the hard work is over and you can relax and enjoy the process without worries.

Deciding on a few locations to start is the best way to get motivated about the trash the dress Riviera Maya session. This will get you thinking in the right direction and make all the difference in the world when it comes to the actual process of the photo session. Take time to talk with your photographer about the process and any concerns that you might have. Trash the Dress Gallery