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Small Package for your Destination Wedding in Tulum

Generally, when somebody thinks in a wedding ceremony, they picture a big party with dozens of guests dancing with joy and happiness for the married couple. However, this is just a stereotype and it doesn’t mean that all the weddings, including yours, should be like that. Maybe you just want something more personal and private.

Whether you are eloping with your couple; running away from the city noise, the people and the bustle; or if you simply want a very intimate but special wedding, our small package will fit you. Our team of professionals will plan and arrange your big day while you can go out and enjoy the beach with your couple, free of stress and concerns.

It’s not mandatory to spend a big amount of money to make a wedding for a hundred guests or build up the biggest party ever, it’s enough if you know what you want and how you want it. Our experience as professionals speak for itself, and we have seen all kind of events succeed because of the planning and our expertise. If your wedding is well planned it will thrive. Satisfy your needs it’s our priority.

With this small wedding package you’ll have access to the simplest version of our services. This would include the ceremony, which could be religious, Christian or even a Mayan one. Additionally, the bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonnière will be given to you, decorated with beautiful seasonal flowers.

Also, we will provide the wedding arch which will be covered with the finest fabrics and tropical flowers. You can choose to add extra accessories at your convenience, to match the rest of the decoration or theme. You have the control of what you want and it’s our job to exceed your expectations. Everything it’s possible on your big day.

Lastly, and as an extra touch, we will put our best wedding photographers in the area for one hour to capture all of the special moments during the ceremony. In addition, you will have your own and personal wedding coordinator from the beginning of the planning process until the end of the event. It’s up to you to keep the small package or improve it by adding extra services at your will.

The small package for your destination wedding in Tulum it’s available from just the couple getting married and up to 10 guests.