Photographer Tulum

Why to hire a professional photographer?

Destination weddings are a big deal. Lot of things to organize, decide, sending the invitations, location vendors!! It is so crazy!!!

After deciding where to have your wedding, the next huge decision: My photos.

You and your guests have put so much work, sacrifice and investment into this, so photography comes to be the best way to materialize all this effort, and to have these great moments to last forever. A reasonable wedding photography budget goes around 10% to 15% of the total cost of the wedding, is it worth it? Yes!!!

My style is reflected in the pictures I post into my blog, because I only use the material I fell in love with, so what you can see in here is what you can expect to receive from me. If I should define my work, it would be photojournalism, creative, highly emotional and lovely “Kodak moments”.

I use a full frame camera or fx sensor, and fixed optics. All these combined with my skills and creativity result in a more dynamic, sharpening, incredibly lightened and strong photo.

I have worked, as a lead photographer, in more than 200 weddings. My reputation is based on the testimonials given by my customers as well as my unique underwater sessions, with over 100 hours diving and being an apnea free diver.

Make sure the memories of being in a destination wedding last forever, when talking about your wedding photographer do not hesitate into hiring a professional. Friends or a relative are not always the best way to go; you want to have these unique moments immortalized in the best possible way.

One of my main rules is to always have the best attitude and to make new friends, most of my customers end up becoming my lifetime friends, they usually return here for anniversaries, sometimes they come back with her being pregnant, or sometimes they return with their children, so I become a genealogy photographer, which makes me very happy.

As I am aware of the importance of the moments I shot, I always use 3 cameras, a lead photographer, and a second shooter, I back the work up three different times and I usually take 2 months for the post productions to finally send you the pictures.

You may want to have in consideration the Caribbean is a very windy spot, so have this in mind when thinking about how to wear your hair.

Remember my work is customized, so I will be the one who will attend the wedding, I never send photographers out to cover the event.

Benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer:

Light knowledge.

We know the light and how to work with it.

Please take a look of this season living description below; this can be very useful for your planning.

You want to avoid being with the sun on the zenith in the middle of May, right? Or would you rather have this turquoise color in your shots?

We always recommend to start everything two hours before the sunset, so we can have plenty of time to cover the ceremony and the bride and groom session.